Renewable Heating Systems

Renewable Energy

Looking after the future of our planet is the responsibility of everybody. Manor Heating takes that responsibility seriously, which is why we will soon be offering renewable energy services.

Central Heating Powered by Biomass

A biomass boiler is the latest way to save energy and money. By using wood pellets, you’re doing your bit to save money and the environment.

Wood pellets are regarded as carbon neutral. The Co2 they release is the equivalent of that absorbed during the growth cycle of the tree. As the pellets are recycled wood anyway, the carbon they produce is more than offset by the carbon they save.

The pellets are made up of recycled wood, sawdust and shavings that have been compressed to form small pellets. The pellets are bonded together using lignin, a compound found in trees. When burned, these pellets leave little ash and produce little smoke, they are ideal for fuelling the home.

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